My FetLife Inbox, Part 3

Yes. It’s that time again.

Confused? Read My Fetlife Inbox, and My FetLife Inbox, Part 2As always, this post is best read whilst listening to Aria Da Capo. As with Part 2, the third part in this series (it really is becoming a series now) was inspired by the first this post.

1.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that tickles my annoyance, but it might have something to do with the unnecessary double lettering.

2. Sometimes the shallow and superficial guys are my favourite, they are aware my time is precious, and sometime even pay.

3. By ‘every point of view’ he actually means ‘shot at the same angle with a few degrees of variation, and occasionally there’s a flower – sometimes even an Instagram filter!’

4. All sub activity, really? I find many people run the other way when I mention sounding. Also, when it comes to kink – even life there’s no such thing as ‘normal’.

5. I have a number of responses for this one – ‘I don’t believe it’, ‘you’d best believe it’, and my favourite, ‘I know’.  

6. Knowing my body, I’d probably be intolerant to human flesh.

7. With a proposal like that, how could I ever refuse?

8. So what you’re actually saying is you’d treat me as a pair of tits, and not as a human being. Right.

9. I pointed out four things in response to this message. The first was that it said Domme quite clearly on my profile, and the second that I was indeed a professional, the third was that I was – and still am, in a relationship. And the fourth point I made was that the message was most likely a copy/paste job. Lastly, I stated quite clearly that I was not interested.

10. This was his response.

Side note: I dabbled with the name ‘Ava’ for a period of time to seperate my Domme work, and my tease work … as you can tell, it didn’t last long. 

… *sigh*.

After three posts – I don’t doubt in a few months I’ll have enough for another, I feel I must address something. Spell check is your friend! Use it like you (should) use lube – with wild abandon.