Smutathon 2017: What is it, and why?


Did you know I sometimes write erotica? No? Well, this is me telling you that sometimes I put erotic words down on paper … I can’t attest to the quality of them though. This Saturday I shall be writing as many short erotic stories as possible in aid of Smutathon.

Info graphic with the details of Smutathon 2017. Information is on top of a naked woman lying down with blue eyes and brown hair, wearing glasses.

What is it?

Smutathon is a 12-hour, intensive sex writing challenge. Writers from around the world will be attempting to meet their writing goals all in aid of a good cause. My writing goal is to scribble down as many short erotic stories as I possibly can in 12 hours – ideally at least 6.


The money raised from Smutathon will go towards two excellent charities that are doing fantastic work: Backlash and Rape Crisis England & Wales. Please click on the links to learn more about the charities.

How can I get involved?

Donate, donate, donate!

Find that spare change pot, and donate!

Bonus: donate £10 or more for me, and I’ll send you some of the erotic pieces that come out of the day.

Please, think about donating