Get to know me! (That tag, but in blog form.)

‘aka Ruby breaks the rules.’

I am useless at writing something in 140 characters or less – I ramble. So, I have a different version of this tag! For every post I have – drafts, queued, and published, I will post a fact/confession about myself.

My post count: 32

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. I very rarely wear jewellery, and almost never wear earrings. If I wear jewellery, I wear necklaces, and the occasional ring, but I usually just stick to scarfs.
  2. I started drinking rum and cranberry during University, and it’s my drink of choice to this day – though I now prefer Kraken rum over all other rums.
  3. Bar staff usually give me cola instead of cranberry.
  4. I’ve known about fetish, BDSM, and kink for years – way before my 18th birthday.
  5. The first time I was ‘exposed’ to the notion BDSM was because I was an inquisitive kid, and wanted to know more about sex. I liked the diversity it had to offer, so started to investigate more.
  6. The first media I saw about BDSM was the film Secretary. I tend to watch the film at least once a year now. Got a lot of love for James Spader.
  7. I used to identify as a masochistic Switch, but over the years I’ve evolved and now identify more as a Sadistic Switch with masochistic tendencies. It’s in part due to my rocky relationship with kink, and a fondness for making others whimper.
  8. I try to not regret my life choices, circumstances, or events. If I changed anything I wouldn’t be the person I am now, have met the Gent, or know the people I now know.
  9. Saying this, the one thing I wish I could change would be an interaction I had with an ex-friend. Rather out of the blue they told me they couldn’t deal with my ‘life and health complaints’, and that was that.
  10. My best friend is a guy, and I’ve known him since college.
  11. When I told him that I was a cam model/Dominatrix, his response was ‘fuck yeah’.
  12. I’ve always had a feeling I was exactly ‘straight’. I realised this sometime in college, when I had a crush on one of my female friends, but I really should have realised sooner.
  13. My first crush was a female TV weather presenter at quite a young age. I can remember kissing the TV screen.
  14. It was during college I began to identify as bisexual, but now I feel I fit the more ‘pansexual’ or ‘queer’ label. Maybe even both.
  15. I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember.
  16. I’ve had clarinet, flute, piano, guitar, cello, and voice lessons. And over the years I’ve brought myself a violin, and a trumpet to teach myself.
  17. Grade wise, I’m around a grade 4 on clarinet, and flute.
  18. My hair is the shortest it’s ever been, but I still want to get it cut even shorter at some point in my life.
  19. I’ve technically been disabled by chronic pain since the age of 14, but only started accepting it’s a part of my identity the past few years.
  20. This means I’ve been disabled for just under ten years. Though, that number has always been hazy – it’s been so long I get stuck on a number for a few years, before I remember to up it.
  21. I tend to avoid prescribed painkillers – I prefer to use rum. Less side effects!
  22. Last of the chronic illness confessions: a lot of ‘seeming well’ is acting. My ‘bad’ days now outnumber my good by a lot, but if I gave in to my bad days I’d get nothing done … except watching everything on Netflix.
  23. The fact that I’m a Scorpio amuses me, but I don’t put any stock in star signs.
  24. I watch a lot of YouTube channels, but my favourite channels are ones I can watch mindlessly like food channels, and ThreadBanger.
  25. I practice yoga, and meditate daily. It’s done wonders for my mental health.
  26. I prefer paper books to Kindles, and ebooks, but I can deny they’re extremely useful.
  27. I tend to re-read and re-watch the Harry Potter, and Hunger Games books and films in times of stress. They’re comforting in a strange way.
  28. My favourite animal is a dog.
  29. My eyes are green.
  30. DFTBA.
  31. I come up with more business ideas than I know what to do with.
  32. Which leads me to my super secret project that I’ve been working on for months: Parlour Talk.

Tag, you’re it.