The Month of Masturbation

Masturbation Monday, Titillating Tuesday, Wet and Wild Wednesday … I could go on.

February, the month of glitter hearts, annoying commercial slogans that tell you if you love someone you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them, and cheap chocolates after the 14th.

February, also the month I want to jump out of my comfort zone of Doxy led masturbation sessions, and have a ridiculous amount of orgasms whilst playing with toys that are collecting dust in my toy chest.

A bunch of orgasms will definitely distract me from the current political climate, right?

What is February really about?

I’ve become almost lazy with my masturbation sessions. 15 minutes, a bit of erotica, and my Doxy and I can ‘bash’ out an orgasm or two. That’s it. Past me would gasp in horror, but present me still thinks it’s a perfectly acceptable way to masturbate. And don’t get me wrong, it is! Bashing out an orgasm in the name of stress release isn’t a bad thing, however, it’s fast becoming my normal ‘reason’ to masturbate.

It would be nice to really enjoy masturbation again. I want to take my time, and explore the toys I have sitting neglected in my toy chest. I also want to pay proper attention to what my body does whilst masturbating – and not just in the sexy fun way. The tricky part about chronic illness is that there’s no on and off button, it doesn’t care if you’re masturbating, on a train, or in the middle of a store. It strikes. I want to be aware when it does, and see if there’s a pattern.

To do this in a very scientific manner, I ‘need’ to masturbate a lot. Such a shame. But, I figured I’d tie it in with my resolution to blog more this year. So, here’s the plan! I’m going to post three blog posts a week. Two blog entries will focus on masturbating with toys I’ve forgotten about, new ways to masturbate (even places if I feel frisky), and toys that suit my physical ability that day. And, the last entry will discuss masturbation, and chronic illness.

If it all goes well, by the end of the month I should have a 12 new posts, and a new love for solo masturbation time. After all, February is also the month of love*.

*Yep, I cringed whilst writing that, but I couldn’t resist. 

  • faceman1969p

    Will there by an analysis of how stress affects masturbation? For example,you mentioned the stressful political situation. Does this affect a persons libido to the point where they lose the wish to masturbate, rather than masturbation being used as a means of stress relief?