Review: OrgasMe! Card Game

OrgasMe! Sex turned into a card game.

OrgasMe, and you’d be forgiven for being unable to figure out how to pronounce the game’s name.

Price: €24,99  Website: Orgas.Me

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The Basics:

  • A game for 2-6 players.
  • Takes 5 minutes to learn.
  • 20 – 45 minutes to play, depending on the amount of people playing.

In the Box:

  • 6 OrgasMeters
  • Game Instructions
  • 110 Cards. From the company’s website “60 illustrated actions interacting with 30 special abilities assigned to 15 preferences, 16 reactions and 4 unpredictable events in a deck of 110 cards!”

The Rules:

Aim of the game, don’t orgasm first! Each player takes a turn trying to turn up the OrgasMeter of their opponent, or opponents by increasing their Horn. Turn the Horn up past ten, and you’re cumming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

To start you pick two preferences from a random selection of four, which can increase or decrease your chances at orgasming first, it all depends what card your opponents pulls. You then take it in turns pulling cards from the deck of illustrated cards, attempting to make the other player’s orgasm first. Special ability or reaction cards can decrease your Horn, increase your own Horn, or increase your opponents Horn if you’re lucky. The first one to orgasm ‘loses’ the game.


I found OrgasMe! on Kickstarter, a place I find myself getting lost in far too often, and I knew I had to back it. A game about having an orgasm? Count me in.

The Good:

I throughly enjoyed the wide variety of cards in this game. As someone who’s been exposed to fetish and BDSM for quite some time, I wasn’t that shocked by a lot of the acts on the cards, The Gent was a different story. The acts on the cards range from ‘Flagellation’ to ‘Sponge Job’, and caused a lot of laughter when I first went through them. Since then, I’ve had fun showing the cards to friends and watch them try to figure out the acts.

For the first three playthroughs of this games I was horribly confused (granted it could have been the wine). I kept forgetting about the special ability cards, the reaction cards, and the unpredictable event cards. I even forgot when to pick up cards. Not a great start, but as I really liked the premise of the game, I persevered. The fourth play through it all clicked into place, and then the tactics started.

In the game you can combine cards to make your attacks stronger, particularly if your hand holds one or more of your opponents specialities. The more you tailor your attack, the more Horns your partner has to add to their OrgasMeter.

An added bonus of OrgasMe! is that it acts as very good foreplay, and it inspired some late night discussion about kink. So far, we’ve only played the two player version of the game, but I’ll update this review when I’ve managed to convince others to play it with us – hopefully some time soon!

The Gent’s Opinions:

“Good. I enjoyed it. It was definitely very educational. Not a game to play with one’s parents. It’s quite crass.

As you can see he’s very loquacious. 

The Bad:

No counters or tokens for the game to mark your progress on the OrgasMeter. Considering how well made
the box is, and the time spend on the design it was quite surprising they hadn’t thought of including even simple push out cardboard tokens.


I really do love the game. It’s one of the first proper adult board games I’ve ventured into, and it won’t be my last. Could they have improved the instructions so they’re a little clearer, yes. But, the wide range, diversity, and the amount of fun I had playing the game far outweighs the time taken to go over the rules a few times, or searching for a suitable token.

OrgasMe is a wonderful game if you’re looking to find out about some the more ‘unusual’ fetishes, or spice up date night.